625525,  Tyumen oblast, Tyumensky district, s. Kamenka Mira str., 4 p. 2

31 kilometer Irbitskogo tract Driving directions>>>

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 +7 (3452) 77-37-77,
 +7 (3452) 77-37-22,

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Coordinates for Navigator: 57°14'28.2"N 65°07'52.7"E

Map to recreation Avan:

1) In the direction of the airport Roschino

2) On the ring to move in a straight direction Kulakovo Kamenka Irbit

Near the village of Kamenka in the path of Stella with the turn signal on country club AVAN

Загородный клуб "Аван"

+7 (3452) 77-37-77

Разработано в Апреле