Cedar barrels

Cedar barrels, phyto based on the antlers

Healing properties of cedar barrel (phyto) are striking in their variety: it is scientifically proven that it can cure diseases of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, blood vessels. In addition, the barrel will help to get rid of excess weight and rejuvenate the skin. And what is most important — during the procedure, the person is breathing full of the atmospheric air there is no load on the blood vessels of the head.
Man was placed in the cockpit so that the surface is the head, and his body is enveloped in steam from infusions of deer antlers.
The mass of the antler is produced from deer antlers, Sika deer by their processing. Used as raw material in the production of means for baths, cedar phyto barrels.

Antler concentrate improves sexual function of men and women, reduces the level of cholesterol in blood, slows down the process of aging. Antler baths have tonic, hypotensive and adaptogene effect. It is an effective natural remedy to combat sciatica and diseases of joints, atherosclerosis and physical fatigue, heart disease and many other diseases. They rejuvenate the body, normalize blood pressure, perfectly strengthen the nervous system include defenses, counteract the ravages of stress and unfavorable environment, have excellent cosmetic effect.
And remember: the production of ecologically clean Altai cedar is the source of this Siberian health!

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