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Warm outdoor swimming pools with mineral water in the club "Avan"

When the street bitter cold weather, the soul requires the exotic. You can buy an expensive ticket to the island, and to go on holiday to Tyumen in our country club "Avan".

We offer clients a unique opportunity to bathe in natural hot spring located on the territory of the club. the swimming in the pool with hot water in the freezing weather and the exotic, which is missing in Siberia.

Our pools have great facilities, great designer finishes, modern equipment that meets international standards. It's these mini-beauty and health setting in the open air and offering spectacular natural beauty of swimming pool with warm mineral water.


Exotic vacation health

Our outdoor pools in Tyumen built on the site of a unique source, the temperature does not fall below 45 degrees that allows visitors to hold water procedures outdoors year round.

Warm pool for a swim club "Avan" is a special water with its rich mineral composition. In water there are:

  • iodine;
  • bromine
  • sodium chloride.
  • Salinity of the source is 75gr per liter of water. the swimming in the pool with hot water is especially useful for people with:

  • gout;
  • pathology of the heart, blood vessels;
  • changes in the motor, the support apparatus;
  • diseases of the nervous system.
  • the spring Water has a beneficial effect on the urogenital system, digestion, so our outdoor swimming pool will bring an exotic vacation, but also the most valuable for health.

    Outdoor pools in Tyumen in the club "Advan" – three fonts of different sizes, arranged in open areas. For you are:

  • swimming pool for children with a depth of 80 cm, with a diameter of 4 m. Outdoor swimming pool featuring a waterfall, geyser, leading to the delight of children;
  • pool, massage, diameter 6 m, depth 90 cm;
  • swimming pool, rectangular 9х16 m, depth 1.3-1.7 m, is equipped with two guns on the principle of Charcot.
  • We care about each visitor. We can comfortably relax in the company of friends, spouse together with children. Every warm pool for a swim has modern facilities and interesting design finish. Visitors are invited and a large bowl filled with mineral water, equipped with comfortable slopes, and cozy booths where you can rest after bathing.

    Choosing our warm pool for a swim, you not only save on vacation, but also have the opportunity to luxuriously relax with maximum health benefits and receive unforgettable impressions of water on the street in impressive drifts. Our mineral water has the most useful part, so if you have problems you will be able to improve health.

    an Important advantage of our two swimming pools is considered and modern equipment. You can combine mineral bath with a massage or have fun on our rides. Stay in our club "Avan" will benefit everyone, and guaranteed to leave a lot of positive impressions. It offers a caring staff of the club "Avan" which will recommend effective treatments for your health and beauty.

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